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Tuesday.  I love Tuesday’s!  Why?  Well, it’s a short day at work (Tuesday & Thursday both) and I give piano lessons to my favorite students: Amanda and Haley Burgett.  These girls are amazing!  Tuesday is the one day I have that I get some time for myself.  Today the plan is folding clothing (fun, right?), making a birth announcement (OH HECK YEAH!) and maybe scrapping a little bit.

Scrapping.  How I miss thee!  How I long for thine drop shadows! I’m still on one creative team.  (thank you PolkaDot Plum)  And I actually scrapped last week with their kit Sweet Little Claire.  I think I am going to try to scrap with it again, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Isn’t that beautiful?  See, it has my two favorite people on it.

(edit this more later)



How the heck does a person set up a small business? I love making logos, I love making birth announcements. I love making photo cards in general. I still enjoy digital scrapbooking, obviously, but I would really like to focus on this other aspect. How does one get more “local” I have no issues with working with people all over, but I would love to work with people in this area!

I wish I had some idea on how to get started! Any ideas? I suppose it should start with making a website… hmm, well, this is a website.. 🙂 I think I have a little idea.. I need more! HOOK ME UP WITH IDEAS PEOPLE!


What have I worked on lately?  Well…

The idea was not an original one.. but it works.  I like mine better, though. 🙂

I edited this a bit more after so the email went above the website so it flowed a bit better.  Anyway.. coming soon: Birth Announcement of Harrison Cole Dewitt 🙂