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I’m not sure about you.. but I LOVE having an organized desktop.  My house maybe  (or is really) a wreck, but at least my desktop is nice and organized!  YAY DESKTOP!  So, this month I am offering you guys a freebie!  A desktop calendar!  This calendar was made with my super fun Pinch Me Kit!!!
It comes in wide screen (as shown) and full screen editions.. and there might just be something else special in there for you guys.. maybe.. perhaps…


Be sure to bookmark this website… why? Because I said so… and because I will be giving out one free kit for each kit I release!  All you have to do is comment when those RAK posts are put up!  🙂  Have a rockin’ fun Saturday!

Also a big thanks to ChrissyW whose awesome templates inspired this layout (used with her permission)



That’s right folks!  It’s on sale!  25% off Friday through Monday!  Get it while the gettin’s good!

In other fun news!  Ava was commenter number 5 who won the kit!  I’ll hunt you down Ava and get you the coupon code for the kit! 🙂



My awesome new secret CT member made this fantastic layout with my kit!  Isn’t it AWESOME!?  Anyway.. all you have to do for a chance to win this kit for free is add a comment to this post.  It’s that simple!  Do not worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away.  I moderate all the comments (due to spam) So I promise I will see your comment.  I’ll use a random number generator to pick out the winner!  Here is the kit!

You know the drill!  Leave a comment below! <3