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Welcome to Mommyish!  For those who have been here before you know me.  For those who don’t.. *waves* I’m number 100 on the blog train.  Your FINAL DESTINATION (and not like in those lame movies where people die in really odd ways like choking on a skittle or something)  Since I have you here I thought I might share a few things about my blog here!  😀  First.  I have freebies.. EVERY FRIDAY!  You heard right.. every single Friday I make a goodie! (Look at the post before this one for the latest) Some Freebies are Personal Use, others are Commercial Use.  I always make things I would use.  So, hopefully they don’t fail too hard.

While I have your attention I’d like to ask you to say a prayer for a young man whose family once attended church with us.  He was in a serious car accident and is in critical condition.  We are all hopeful for his recovery.  So if you have a second say a little prayer for Lars and the other youth as well.

So, big news?  SugarhillCo is having a BIRTHDAY!  And what does this mean? It means all my CU products are 50% off!!!! I should mention they will be 50% off from August 1-16!  We have a snazzy image to show off!  ( should mention I’ve made 3 new CU sets just for this special day!)

Anyway enough of that babbling!  What do I have for you?  Well, a blog train freebie of course!!!  Everyone was able to pick their own theme.  I really didn’t have a theme.  Hopefully it’s just random stuff that will fit into any part of the kit you choose!  😀

You Came From Here :: You are @ Mommyish :: You are going to >> END OF THE LINE BABY!! Are you lost? Go to the Blog Train Blog!!

Really the preview just doesn’t do it justice.  It looks so much cuter when it is unzipped, I promise.  Also, since you guys are all here I thought I might add ONE MORE FREEBIE! 😀  This one is OK for Commercial Use.  How do you get it?  Well, Like me on facebook and you will be able to download it.  (It says Fan FREEBIE)  Don’t worry.  I am not one of those facebook people who update 5 zillion times a day.  (I only post new releases and such)

*wipes forehead* Whew!  That was one big post!  Totally fun though!  Enjoy the blog train!  😀



Yeah.. sorry about that I literally couldn’t help myself. (>_<)  If you don’t get it.. just don’t ask.  I wouldn’t wish knowledge of that song to anyone!  So.. I’m starting with the Freebie this week! MUAHAHAHA!  I made this freebie to make my internet wife Laura happy.  You guys are just a bonus!  It was *supposed* to look like a stamp of sorts.. like embossed?  I dunno.  I like it though! 😀 HA!

What else am I offering this week?  Well..  textures and styles OF COURSE!  Next week I think I’ll be releasing some patterns I have been working on.  Who knows, I may do a Commercial Use freebie next week! 😀  You love me long time for that, right.. right?  That’s what I hoped!

What else can I show off today?  *thinks* I scrapped!  MORE!  Have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE ChrissyW’s templates?  There is a reason.  It’s because they have great structure.  They aren’t overly “cluttered” (not really my style) and always look FANTASTIC!  So I’m going to share a LO I did with her soon to be released Sample Pack 22.  The kit I used is a beautiful kit by Etc. by Danyale called Imaginary Adventure.

Have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE it here in New York?  LOVE LOVE!  Oh.. don’t forget that August 1st starts a few awesome things.  First.. a huge 50% off sale of my CU products at Sugarhillco and the blog train. choo choo!



I said there would be some changes and I wasn’t kidding.  I have decided to retire from creating Personal Use kits.  I’ve decided instead to focus fully on Commercial Use for the Digi Scrap Designer!  Do not fret, I will still have my blog freebies every single friday.. and who knows.. the designing bug might bite me and a full kit freebie may happen! 😀

In other news I am on The Digi Chick CT!  😀 I couldn’t imagine leaving TDC totally.  I am so very happy Nicole agreed to let me stay on to scrap!  And let me tell you.. I’ve missed scrapping SO SO MUCH!  Here are some of my latest LO’s:

I kinda’ fell in love with the Sew Cute kit that is 20% off at TDC today.  I’ve made 3 layouts with it so far!

Anyway, stay tuned!  Tomorrow I’ll have new releases and freebies up for grabs!