About Me.. The most mommyish of them all!

Mommyish – adj -mom-my-ish (mom ee ish) – Of, or pertaining to, an effort to resemble the perfect mother-like figure.  but never quite “mommy” enough, thus “mommyish” (see urban dictionary for reference)

Back in 2003 I gave birth to my first child, Caitlyn.  During that time I was very much into web design.  I had a website ( if you get it cool, if not, don’t ask!) but I felt like it was time to have a website that fit who I was turning into.  When I had Caitlyn I did not quite feel like I was up to par with the other mommy figures out there.  I was a HUGE GEEK. (Ok, I *am* a huge geek) so I felt like I was of course more Mommy-ish than straight up “Mommy”  I was trying!  I kept this site at first as a personal blog.

Fast forward to 2006.  It was a cold dark night… there was a slight scent of dark chocolate lingering in the air as my fingers gently toyed with the smooth chocolate at my desk… oh wait. Um.. ok, so in February of 2006 I was introduced to digital scrapbooking.  As I was already into web design it just *clicked*  Right away I was hooked.  Since I was already into design I figured that the way people scrapped was by making their own products! (teehee) So I actually started off making my own papers and elements to scrap with.  Of course I was introduced to freebies.. found my way to TheDigiChick and started to scrap “for real!”

I have had the pleasure to design for personal use and for commercial use.  My biggest love are styles.  I absolutely love layer styles in photoshop.  People.. USE STYLES THEY ROCK!  Ok, anyway back to my story.  In 2011 in February (Heck yeah!) I started to sell at SugarHillCo.  I will be forever grateful to Tina for encouraging me to really GO FOR IT!   In June 2012 I decided to start designing again for personal use scrappers!  I feel so very blessed to be able to create every day.  On January 1st 2016 I opened a new one stop shop at The-Lilypad which has all of my goodies in one place!

My personal life has had its ups and downs as everyone else does as well, I’m sure.  My husband and I have been married to each other.. twice. Because of that we have TWO anniversaries which of course is pretty freaking cool!  We live in Kent, New York quite happily in my husband’s childhood home with his parents (who are awesome), a cat, a dog and four fish.  My husband and I have two daughters.  Caitlyn, who I mentioned previously.. and Savannah our new little “surprise” monster that joined our family in October of 2013.

In my free time I enjoy long walks on the beach… on a minecraft server 😀  I also enjoy playing the piano (I majored in Music Education) and of course CREATING!  Inspiration is everywhere and I feel blessed to share my inspirations with you.

Cartoon Leah/Mommyish by the talented Genvieve Sass!