I had told my therapist (heck yeah.. I admit to that kind of stuff) I was going to make her something to hang up in her office.  My first thought was something that said “Shit could be worse, right?”  But I thought the better of it.  While I found it HILARIOUS I’m not sure everyone else would too.  Instead I saw this cute little saying that was a good reminder.  Here is the image…


(actually if you click that it is a zip file of a PDF you can print off at home and frame.. 8×10)

It really has me thinking.  What do we have to be thankful for?  The breath in our lungs.. even if it smells like burnt bacon due to an unfortunate frying pan accident (burning bacon is ALWAYS unfortunate)  Waking up in the morning.. even when.. or perhaps ESPECIALLY when there is a baby foot in your face?  (Savannah has gotten extremely acrobatic lately in her sleep)  It can be something as simple as the first sip of coffee/tea in the morning.. Even at our darkest moments (and trust me.. I’ve had them) there is usually something to be thankful for.  Though, in truth, in those darkest moments it is the hardest to see those things.

I tend to find facebook posts that are all “I am SO THANKFUL FOR ALL THE THINGS” to be silly at best and annoying at worst.  That being said, as I think of my reaction to them I wonder if I haven’t gotten too cynical for my own good!  Maybe New York is rubbing off on me.  Anyway.. I don’t need to post on facebook things that I am thankful for.. but I do need to remind myself that I have a whole heck of a lot to be thankful for… even if it is just for the smell of burnt bacon.


Thanks, Leah! <3 It's gorgeous! Did you make a version with the first phrase? Because I'm gonna need that, too. 😉

beautiful 🙂 thank you so much for sharing. And I totally agree – it’s the hardest when you’re low to remember to be thankful. xoxo

Thank you so much for this. I love this!! The sentiment mixed with the watercoloring is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m going to post it on Instagram if you don’t mind and link you. My readers would love this. Can I CASE you and make one of my own?

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