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I know I said I would have this yesterday but that darn baby of mine decided to get sick! THE NERVE! So.. here I am today trying again! ūüėÄ In this tutorial I use a few products – one from Sugarplum Paperie and the other from myself. They are listed below the video. You don’t have to buy these to get the effects.. I’m sure you probably already have the tools in your stash! ¬†So watch.. learn from my repeated mistakes.. and enjoy yourself! ¬†Remember, it is super easy to go back in your history and erase mistakes… unlike real life and that one time you thought TacoBell for dinner would be a good idea.. and it really wasn’t. ¬†Not that I know from personal experience or anything. *shifty eyes*


Products used:

My tutorials are always long and weird.. so beware!  Seriously though, I hope you enjoy it and have fun playing around!  Photoshop FTW!



Tutorial Tuesday!  It is totally a thing!  Ok, now I am part of that thing!  Today I am going to show you how I created the printable.  I know chalkboard effects can be pretty cut and dry.  This effect is to help create a more realistic chalkboard look.  As you can see in this little image here:


So watch and learn! ¬†(that sounds all cocky, doesn’t it?)

For this tutorial I used these products from SHCO:

Mommyish – Textured #49

Mommyish – Stamped Action CS

Mommyish – Stylin’ #92 – Silhouette Styles

Just Jaimee – Keepin’ It Real 5 (can’t find them in her shop currently)

Now, let me know if you actually found this tutorial remotely helpful. ¬†I want to do more of these in the future but worry that people are going to be all “Leah, shut up already – WE KNOW THIS!” ¬†<3