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cb_ad300-guestThis is the moment where I go YAY I GOT TO TALK WITH TIFFANY TILLMAN!  Ok, I know that may sound weird to some of you who haven’t frequented scrapbook magazines but I remember seeing Tiffany’s work in loads of the magazines as i started scrapping and they were always such an inspiration.

I was able to talk to Tiffany this week about styles!  not only about what they are but also how to edit them and really enjoy playing around to create unique effects that are totally 100% you!

To make it all better – I have a special promotion code for you all to save 20% on the CoffeeBreak videocast from Scrapaneers.  You can save 20% on a coffee break subscription by using this code:


Now for another fun giveaway!  I want you to tell me your favorite thing about styles.  One commenter will receive a free coffee break subscription!  Also, did I mention my episode has an exclusive style download? Heck yeah!


Also now for even BIGGER news.  Next year I will be teaching my very own class at Scrapaneers!  What will it be about?  STYLES OF COURSE!  I’m sure you guys know by now that I LOVE making styles and I want to share my love of creating them with you.  I feel so fortunate to have been asked.  When will this happen?   I’m shooting for first quarter next year.  I’m so excited to finally share this news with you all!  Now for some more fun –

Because I was sharing photos of CU styles I was creating all week – but planned on waiting until tomorrow to release – I felt a bit guilty to tease so I have released my DSD Mega Style Bundle today!  This set is valued at $20 but during my DSD sale you can get it for only $5!




I was really flattered that Kimberly asked me to be interviewed on her new podcast geared toward self-started businesses.  If you have ever been curious how Mommyish got started and want to hear me be a bit too bubbly.. be sure to check it out!  If you haven’t checked out Kimberly’s fonts you REALLY need to do so!

Also today I have a little freebie for you all.  I am very much into keeping my computer desktop clean.  I find that keeping my computer organized helps me with my work each day!  When it gets overwhelming I feel overwhelmed!  You can download below by clicking on the link to your screen size.


1920×1080 || 1280×1024 || 1280×800 || 1024×768

How did I create these?  I used my new watercolor brushes #4, Vintage Pieces #10 , and Watercolor Actions for CS/CC (also available for PSE)




Ok, this is Leah from Mommyish and I am bringing to you a a new blog feature – MY CT! I have some amazingly talented ladies on my creative team and I want to share their epicness with you. First up is Amie! She just made it on to round three of Cropped! She has been an amazing CT member and makes the cutest decorations for her house EVER! Read on to find out more about Amie!

amieHi! I’m Amie! I’m a wife to a banker, a mom to three lil rottens­ daughter age 6, son age 3 & our baby English bulldog puppy­ agee 10 months. In real life­ I’m a part time dental hygienist, but for the rest of my spare time (pshh as if that even happens with a house & kids & dog!)­ I like to do all things crafty scrapbooking, card making, painting and baking (especially cupcakes!)

What first drew you to digital scrapbooking?

I first got into digital scrapbooking when I came across a birthday invite on Etsy that I liked for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I KNEW I could make it myself­ so after talking my husband into purchasing PSE 7­ an addict was born! It was a natural progression into full layouts from there­ especially after googling “digital scrapbooking” and falling into a whole new world on the interwebs that I didn’t even know existed!!! Now I create all my (and for friends/family) invites/cards on PSE12 & love the “no mess” of digital scrapbooking.

How long have you been scrapping?

I started digital scrapbooking in 2008, but have done paper scrapping since 1999.

How has your scrapping style evolved over that time?

My digital style has definitely evolved over the years­ my first pages were very flat & clean. Now, I’ve learned shadowing & try to add a realistic three­-dimensional feel to my pages.

Is there something you put on every page?

This made me laugh out loud. I love all the things! I’ve been known to throw the kitchen sink on a page! 😉 One thing that I MUST put on every page is a date! I actually print out all my pages & put them in albums, so it’s a necessity to my type.  ­A personality to have them in chronological order!

What is your favorite Mommyish kit?

GAH! I CANT CHOOSE JUST ONE! Seriously­ I’m so glad Leah took a chance on me for her CT­ otherwise my hubby would lockup my PayPal account! If I ~HAD~ to choose­ my most used (so must be favorite?!) is Schooled­ but I LOVE Basically, Best Summer Ever, Spooked, Happy CamperFrolic.

What is your favorite tip/trick in Photoshop PSE/CS

Hmm. I’ve watch oodles of tutorials & self taught myself PSE so I’m not sure if this is a “tip” or not­ but I always type in my credits (KIT: TEMPLATE: ) under “file” then “file info” then into the description dialog-box. When you upload the file into Facebook­ it automatically adds the credits with the file. Then when I’m uploading to galleries everywhere­ I just copy & paste the info from FB.  Also­ styles/actions are even a PU (personal use) scrapper’s best friend! I use them on every layout­ especially on titles! My favorites right now are the mommyish glittersnow styles on the WWFlakes font­ makes the most gorgeous snowflakes! 😉

Some of my favorite layouts from Amie: