color card bright autumn

Isn’t this gorgeous?  It is a top on Jane (which I couldn’t buy if I wanted because they don’t make them for FAT LADIES! – seriously plus size love would be nice, Jane!)

So the palette is a bit atypical of what I’ve been posting so far but I really do love all the bold colors.  It could be a bold bright fall, you know?

In other news there is a LOT going on in the background.  I want to keep you all afloat so be sure to keep visiting and commenting!  Oh, Also – You’re awesome & happy Monday!


I completely agree with the size issue! As for the background, yikes… I’ve heard whispers… good luck!!!

Re the background: I just got the Pixels & Co email & I am utterly consumed with curiosity about what is going on (& where I will be able to find your, & the others, gorgeous products) – as well as a wee bit (perhaps more than a wee bit) of rage. I had a looong wishlist of items which I was chipping away at, buying as I could afford them. Most of the list was from you & the other no-longer-there designers & gee, it would have been nice if we could have had some sort of heads-up to email it to ourselves. I spent a lot of time thinking about what products I would really use (I do paper scrapping so I print things to use in my scrapbooks rather than use them digitally) & I really, really wish I’d emailed it to myself earlier. Yes, it’s my fault but that doesn’t make me any less cranky. =D

Best wishes for the future (& I really hope you’re able to offer your kits & bits & bobs from P&Co somewhere else – I wasn’t done purchasing things!!).

Sorry for the ranty vent – this was a most unexpected start to my day.

Great colors, Leah!

Looking forward to your new store/site.

Hardly anyone does plus sizes…..and when they do, it’s not really plus. Just a lean person’s idea of what plus is (usually 14-16). Sighs…..this is one of the reasons I’ve sewn most of my adult life. And let’s not even talk about bras, lol.

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