I’m running some two for one specials today at Mommyish!  You not only get the color card… but a new tutorial as well!

Ok, yeah it wasn’t planned.  What happened is I have my little 11 month old monster who has a cold.  If any of you know.. nursing babies with colds are MISERABLE.  We’ve been using that snot sucker thingie.. saline, etc.. but she is just pretty unhappy.  I don’t blame her!  And due to this I wasn’t able to get my color card up!  But now here it is in all its glory!

card7I really loved the soft feel of this picture.  We associate fall with lots of bright colors but this somehow stays subtle.  I LURVE IT!

Ok, onward to the tutorial!  I was playing around with my workspace and thought “Hey, maybe I could give a “tutorial” on how to do that..”  so here you go!


I’ve only just found your blog. I LOVE it!! It’s visually fantastic and full of quantity and quality. I’m sure to be a regular visitor.

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