Heh!  Well, this will be a big post because I have LOTS happening.  This week has been hectic in the essence that there is construction going on in the house and that always makes things busy.  I’ve been trying to get all I can done as quickly as I can.. sometimes it just isn’t enough, you know?  That is life though.. lots of busy times!  Thankfully I was able to get my new CU up earlier in the week.. *drumroll*

Textures and Flowers and Styles… oh my?  I can’t help my love of making styles.  I’m not sure why? Perhaps it’s because they are so easy to use! <3 me some styles!

I bartered a gift card to a restaurant for a stash of flowers and ribbons from my friend (and photographer Kristie) before I moved.  I finally am getting around to extracting them for Commercial use.  Each set is only 3 dollars 😀

And what would a week be for me if I didn’t try to put together a new texture pack?  Nom nom textures!

What’s next?  Well.. I scrapped this week! 😀  I love being on the CT for The Digichick!  Have I mentioned that?  The designers there are so talented!  So.. our family goes to Disney World about every other year or so.  I have TONS of Disney picturesw that I haven’t scrapped.  This week in came More Magic by Pixel Gypsy.. and I got off my butt and scrapped!

Great LO you say? Well it wouldn’t be so great if it wasn’t for CHRISSY! I am a huge fangirl of ChrissyW’s templates.  She’s awesome at them!

Oh.. I’ve been working on some logos!  I recently finished one for Roseytoes.  (She is an absolute sweetheart)

Next on the list is a logo for Paste Optional Designs (she is freaking hilarious)  I love finding other kindred spirits online.  It’s nice to know that not everyone takes life *too* seriously!

Where is the freebie? I know why you are here *tsk tsk* You only want me because I give out.. I see how it is.  *winks*

Y’all have a great week! <3


I love this cute alpha! Will go great with your “More Magic” kit I just purchased! Yeah!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

Thank you for the alpha. I am gonna get those textures, for PU because you don’t allow freebies….

Aww Leah you are too sweet (and twisted just the way I like!!). I’m thankful that you’ve agreed to work with me on logo creation AND I’ve had the opportunity to meet someone who makes me laugh so much I actually get a tummy ache!

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