Yeah.. sorry about that I literally couldn’t help myself. (>_<)  If you don’t get it.. just don’t ask.  I wouldn’t wish knowledge of that song to anyone!  So.. I’m starting with the Freebie this week! MUAHAHAHA!  I made this freebie to make my internet wife Laura happy.  You guys are just a bonus!  It was *supposed* to look like a stamp of sorts.. like embossed?  I dunno.  I like it though! 😀 HA!

What else am I offering this week?  Well..  textures and styles OF COURSE!  Next week I think I’ll be releasing some patterns I have been working on.  Who knows, I may do a Commercial Use freebie next week! 😀  You love me long time for that, right.. right?  That’s what I hoped!

What else can I show off today?  *thinks* I scrapped!  MORE!  Have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE ChrissyW’s templates?  There is a reason.  It’s because they have great structure.  They aren’t overly “cluttered” (not really my style) and always look FANTASTIC!  So I’m going to share a LO I did with her soon to be released Sample Pack 22.  The kit I used is a beautiful kit by Etc. by Danyale called Imaginary Adventure.

Have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE it here in New York?  LOVE LOVE!  Oh.. don’t forget that August 1st starts a few awesome things.  First.. a huge 50% off sale of my CU products at Sugarhillco and the blog train. choo choo!


First, thank you for the fab freebie…Second, love all your new goodies and Third, can’t wait for the new goodies next week, sale plus that sneak peek looks DIVINE!!!!

Have missed you!!!!

Thank you Leah – these are great. Now can you give away the rest of the alpha as a freebie next Friday to keep your other internet wife-wanna-be Heather happy too? Kidding. But really! Ok, kidding?! Thanks Leah! 🙂

You can click on the link to my facebook in the post or there is a thing there on the side as well. 😀

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