So today was Halloween.  I remember how excited I used to get for this holiday.  I wanted to go out, get my candy and then come home and die from sugar coma.  As I got older I had more fun handing out candy and then as a parent I’ve enjoyed laughing at my kid while she goes to get her well earned sweets.  Tonight was entertaining.  First she tried to commit suicide by running in front of a car.  Thankfully my sister grabbed her by her little puffy suit.  Second, we had to drive from one house to the next since apparently 70% of our neighbors are too old to buy candy for children.  So, picture this.. my sister’s huge SUV and my little five year old trying to get the massive door open while her two cousins start trampling her body trying to get out of the car.  Finally they open the other side while my daughter continues to try to open the freaking door.  Finally with a triumphant yell from Caitlyn “I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!” she swings the door open and runs to the house!  I’m not sure why I found it so amusing but you really would have thought she just cured world hunger with the amount of enthusiasm in that little voice of hers.  My sister and I both just cracked up laughing.  Needless to say, from that point on she sat in the MIDDLE.  I dressed like a “goth” witch.  My husband stayed home and handed out candy, and the dog scared away potential trick of treaters.  Nothing funnier than seeing people RUN from your door when you open it.  Epic.


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