WARNING!  WARNING!  Incoming insanely long post!!!!  *runs for cover*

HA!  Seriously though!  I have been SOOOOOO busy.  Seriously.. it’s been kinda’ crazy.  Not even “kinda” crazy it’s been down right lock-me-up-in-a-padded-room-crazy!  😀  That being said I am happy to have finally gotten caught up with EVERYTHING!  *wipes forehead*

So what do I have for you guys this week?  Well first I’d like to start with my new HUGE CU grab bag I made with Just Jaimee.  Have I mentioned how supremely sweet she is?  We got together (and decided quite heroicly) to make 6 NEW CU products each.  SIX!  A total of 12 CU packs!!!  Yeah.. we lost our marbles.. but still I have to admit that it looks AWESOME!  So check that out first.. 50 dollars worth of products for 9.95!!  I am not kidding you guys…

Yeah!  So that was a huge project for me this week… I should also mention that ALL of my CU is 50% off this weekend *including* my logos!  Yeah!  😀

RAWR!  Right?  Well that doesn’t end my hectic week.. oh no.. not nearly!  I thought it would be a good idea to release THREE new products at TDC.. yes.. THREE!  So here they all are…

The first is a kit called Daddy Daughter Day.  My husband and daughter have usually 2 days a month that are completely just for them.  Caitlyn calls it “daddy daughter day”  So I just had to make a kit for it!

The next kit is a COLLAB between me and Sweet Lilac Studio!  This one is JUST in time for Mother’s Day!  It’s filled with beautiful floral accents and a fun vintage/shabby chic feel!

MORE?! Oh yes.. the next is a grab bag!  It contains 5 brand new products.. worth over 15 dollars for a very affordable THREE!  😀

So I think it is only appropriate that I mention my ENTIRE store at TDC is currently 30% off in celebration for NSD!! 😀

Heh.. I told you this was going to be a long post.  So yeah.. after all of this did I even remember to make a freebie?!  Did I?  OF COURSE I DID!  I actually made my first template EVER! 😀  I’m pretty happy with it, actually!  This one is free for PU and Scrap for Hire.

*wipes sweat from forehead* Ok.. so I”m pretty sure that covers it all!  😀  I hope you all have an amazing week!  Enjoy the HUGE sales going on.. I know I am! ^_^


For some reason, this post gave me a lot of ideas in scrapbooking. I found the combination of colors and details here and there to be quite attractive in an unusual sort of way but yes, attracted I have gotten. Must have been something about the fun way the texts were written, too!

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