And not just for a blog post! LOL πŸ˜€ We have an awesome bloghop as we start gearing up for DSD!Β  So many pretty things – so little time, right?Β  You can download my contribution here!Β  And check out the entire collection you are getting – amazing, right?!

Also since it is DSD I like to do a style request! So it is time! Leave your requests below and if your idea is picked you’ll get the entire bundle free! πŸ˜€

I also would like to hear from you on what you are looking for in PU styles (like the styles I create to match kits, etc) I want to be sure when I am creating matching styles you are getting styles that you enjoy using – and also styles you can use for more than just that bundle.Β  Let me know below.

Lastly, I want to thank you for being such wonderful patrons of my work.Β  I love what I do and feel beyond blessed that I can share this love with you all.




I’m tying to set up my email address to get the templates and it keeps saying “enter email address” and wont take any of the addresses I entered. Help? Thank you.

I Have A Question About Your Templates?…I Love Your Templates But I Can’t Use Them Unless They Have PNG’s Coming With Them & You Never Include PNG’s…Has Anyone Else Ever Asked You About This?…I Wish You Would Include PNG’s?…Perhaps A Possibility In The Future?

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This…RJMJ

I LOVE these journal cards, thank you!! The way you used the colors is great and the designs are so wonderful. Those clouds! That assortment of circular line drawings! Love!

I was just thinking the other day of a style I wanted to request from you and it’s gone completely out of my head. I’ll have to come back and let you know if I remember in time!

Not a style but still a request. I love your templates but I can only use png templates and I would looove if you offered them

Style request time is the best! I’m not a designer, but I own a crazy number of your CU styles for PU. And I use them on almost every single page title I create. πŸ˜€

It would thrill me to no end if you could create a style that would turn an object into Christmas tinsel – silver and gold, plus red and green (or do your magical “any color” thing with it). I’m thinking of letters or shapes made out of tinsel garland… does that make sense?

Now that I’ve started thinking about it, my brain won’t stop.

What about a style for Play-Doh or modeling clay?

And one to make an object look like it’s been carved from rock, like a rough, craggy, masculine kind of thing?

I would love to see a style that can make something look like a resin figurine or a ceramic figurine. I have also been looking for a cast iron style, for kitchen stuff.

Thank you for your blog contribution.

Style Suggestion:
I’m hoping for 2 acrylic styles similar to the clear and opaque words you find at Ali Edwards, Studio Calico and Colorcast designs. πŸ™‚

Style Request time is my favorite time of year – thanks for asking for ideas. I have several thoughts for a style.
1. Flesh-tones for various ethnic groups.
2. More fabric types like satin, silk, polar fleece, cotton and batik.
3. Inner shadows (especially for PSE) – one that makes an element look “recessed”. Like I pushed a button into the middle of a flower.
4. A variety of looks for Marble. Marbling on paper or fabric. I love the many designs you can get on these two surfaces. Another variation would be tie dye patterns.

I am another vintage nut, probably because I remember when that stuff was new. *grins* I would like to request a style that would create a plate texture and shadows from a round element. The addition of a little crackling would be even more fun. Another style I would like to see is to create a knit effect — with a fringe option! (I R Greedy!) just think of all the cool winter scarves and winter sweaters to decorate our pages! I must be really greedy because I would ALSO like a lace/crochet style. There are a lot of them out there but they are so flattish. πŸ™ You are the czarina of style, the empress of ASL cool. You alone could make lace stand up and salute!!!!

Hugs and big thank yous for asking us to come up with ideas for you.

Cully B

My favorite time of year-Style Request. Always can use more fabric, especially corduroy. Also construction paper. Capet/flooring styles would be nice. Cut-out styles would be nice also.

thank you for your contribution in the blog hop!

re request for styles, can you please make a “leather” one

Hi, I think I have a great idea for a cool action/style set. Are you familiar with rock art/stone painting ??? I was thinking a set of different size and shape stones, some color and texture choices and an action that would make the finished product look like stone art. Kind of like making your own flares they would just have odd shapes.If you go to Pinterest there are hundreds of beautiful rock art ideas.
I was trying to make word pins out of fonts but it doesn’t really work. What it seems to need is an outline to tie them all together and be able to use the pin builder style on or some kind of action that turns your typed word into a pin.

A clear glass in all the colors please! especially ones that look good on small sizes (like enamel pins πŸ˜‰ )

guillochΓ© enamel is my other style suggestion – a transluscent enamel over an engraved metal base gives Faberge enamel art pieces a mesmerizing and beautiful effect.

Thanks for the journal cards too!

Thank you for the freebie!!

For style – I’d love to have a “shabbify” set of styles – styles that make things look aged and/or shabby. Sanded/worn edges, antiquing (like browning/tea stained), maybe even a little verdigris effect? Somethign that can be applied to papers as well as elements πŸ˜‰ like a magic shabby wand! lol.

First, thank you so much for the freebies! Also, I see some really great style ideas!

I have pretty much all of your styles and other cu product and love them all! The only thing that I would ask for is a style to make a “doodle” into “nautical netting.” If that cannot be done how about a cu kit with several pieces of nautical netting?

Thanks for all you do Leah.

Thank you so much for journal cards.
Style Request time!
I’ve been looking for a modeling clay, cold porcelain or polymer clay styles. Another option would be cookies or fabric types styles.

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