As some of you read yesterday- I will be closing my shops at TDP & SHCo in order to consolidate my digital career (PU/CU) into one location and simplify!  My decision to move has been highly driven by large changes in our family life.  TDP is continuing onward and has an amazing year scheduled with fantastic guests, new designers & more.   The new owner is the talented Laura Passage of Wishing Well Creations – so you know the shop is in amazing hands!


On January 1st Mommyish will be exclusively at The-Lilypad.


Sorry I will not be seeing you at the Digital Press, but where are you going to be? Where / what is the PU / CU; sorry if this is a silly question, but I what to know where to find you as you are all kinds of awesome. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Thanks for making all these gorgeous freebies and then putting them in the one post. Good luck with your new endeavours!

thank you so much for the option to download these if we missed them! I can’t wait to see what you release at your new store!

OMG! I enter at your shops today, & i think was a net conection thing, cause couldn´t find you at both! I´m at a mini vacation, & didin´t knew you was leaving there. I´m a fan of your styles, so, please, add them at LilyPad. Happy 2016

i’m really sorry to see you go to the lilypad. It is the store i dislike most of all the many scrapping stores. Poor organization, poor searching, dated appearance. I love your work and also Paula Kesselring, but I hope the two of you can get them to spiffy up a bit. I’ve tried shopping there in the past, but always leave with an empty cart–it feels like shopping in a messy, dirty Big Lots. I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t truly love your work and want the best for your wonderful styles and designs.

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