Hello to all you beautiful people out there!  (that means all of you)  I am hoping your week has gone well.  I know some of you already have kids back in school!  Hopefully this allows you to take a little time to yourself.  My daughter won’t start school for another month or so. We are enjoying the New York weather SO very much.  Honestly I went from an area that had 100+ heat with humidity to a place where it didn’t get out of the 70’s.. me likie… me likie a lot!  What have I been up to this week?  I made CU STUFF!

*note that my whole store (including new releases) is still 50% for 4 more days*

My first to show off is my Wood Ya set!  I saw a paper that had something like this and figured it may be the next big trend so I decided to go ahead and make a set of wood grain textures.  I love how they turned out!

Then my next project was to make a set of patterns.  I’m enjoying making patterns more and more as time goes on!  I love layered patterns because you can get multiple looks from turning “off” other layers. (I used the zig zag one for today’s freebie)

I think my style addiction is well known.  I’m not sure how many people make stuff with foil.. but I remember making some pretty snazzy looking elements with a foil texture.. then I thought “Hey, I should make a style for that!”

Then what happened?  Hm… Oh yeah I made some layouts!  I love scrapping!  I’ve found that now that I”m not designing kits anymore I have time to scrap again!  So… I made a cute page with a kit from Litabell’s Designs called Learning Curve.

I also made a LO for this weeks DigiDare… it’s a bit more personal.. I used the AMAZING kit by Karen Lewis called Snapshots and a few elements from Zircus Circus.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE this Snapshots kit… but look at this LO I made…

Do you like my layouts? I wish I could take full credit for how balanced they are but all the credit goes to ChrissyW who released this awesome set of templates this week! (I can’t sing her praises enough I adore her templates)

And no… I haven’t forgotten THE FREE STUFF!  Yes yes.. free stuff below I promise! <3

I’ll be posting again this week so watch out.. I mean.. come back and read. <3


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