I mentioned last night that I released two new CU packs at SugarHillCo!  So here they are in all their offically released glory!  I personally think they are SUPER cute.. but then I did make them and it would be in my nature to be partial!

So this morning as I was brain storming about freebies and the like I had this idea.  I’ve never really gotten into the project 365 trend.  All in all it’s a FANTASTIC idea!  So in order to “organize” my thoughts and what not I planned out a list of freebies that coordinate for what I”m calling project:{free}65 (because I’m a total dork.. see three/free.. see what I did there.. NERD ALERT!)  This week is the first installment! 😀

I think this is going to be really a fun thing so make sure you tune in every Friday to get the next piece! 😀


HAHAHA I think its a cute name lol. And a great idea!!! Thanks so much. I love them:)

oops ps i dont think they have a dl link, unless I am missing it.

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