So, I am determined to do two things.  One, cook like my mom and Two, save money on food.  It turns out that those two things go together.  Let me first clarify.. I can cook.  I make yummy things when I do cook.. I just rarely DID cook.  But now I’m like “Oh baby oh baby show me the gravy” Yeah, it seems that when you want to save money cooking becomes fairly important.  Regardless, today was the FIRST time I ever made rice.  *runs for cover* Ok.. like I did the whole “instant” rice thing, but today I did the “real” rice thing and let me tell you.. it was freaking awesome!  AWESOME!  That paired with my Mom’s recipe for Puerto Rican beans.. let’s just say I was a happy person today.

Random Fact – I’m half Puerto Rican.. yes, I know I’m almost albino..

In other news Caitlyn got her school pictures and she looks SO FREAKING CUTE! Honestly, I have no idea how I popped out such an amazingly beautiful child! Just look at that pretty little smile!  It has WIN written ALL OVER IT!  I need to write this out.. that way I balance the fact that I told her I was going to .. and I quote .. “beat her butt” all night long.  Her and the dog apparently think it’s a great idea to stand right next to my chair and play.  She gets so loud that people on the phone hear her better than they can hear me.  For the record.. I do not beat my child, I only threaten.. which obviously isn’t working because she’s like “Whatevah, whatevah, I do what I want!” Ok, not really.. but honestly.. she knows I’m all talk and no play.

Seriously though, I”m a bad parent.  How do you not LAUGH at some of the things your kids do?  How do you remain “serious”  For example the other day my daughter was talking about sticking something in her butt.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Or perhaps the time she told me she wouldn’t call her kindergarten teacher “exquisite” because she was “old”  Priceless.  Or that time I was getting my college classes and she looked at a large girl behind us and said at the top of her voice “WOW MOMMY THAT LADY IS FAT!” at which all I could say was.. “MOMMY IS FAT TOO!”  Yep, I’m a bad parent.


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