Is Rock Band an appropriate Family Home Evening activity?  I figure it’s art appreciation?  Yes?  Maybe someone could make some awesome Mormon Rock tracks? (I think that was just an oxymoron) Regardless I have to plan a family home evening for tonight that involves my family, my sister and her kids, and my mom.  I’m not really sure what to do.  Thank goodness me and Google are on such great terms.  I have some MAD google skills.  I wonder if you could write that in a resume “Work Experience – Can find information on any topic that is relevant on google in less than 30 secs.”  Yeah.. I’m not sure that would go over well.  Oh, I should mention my DREAM JOB is available right now.  Too bad I have no work experience.  Yeah… the thing about graphic design.. I’m totally self taught.  I’m not sure any serious employer would be interested in a girl that doesn’t have a degree in Design or Art of some sort.  What do I have?  I am two credits short of having an Associates Degree in Music.  With.. um.. like 128 hours of coursework.  I’m not lying.  Something weird about being a college drop out with a 3.8 GPA.  It’s like.. “Hey, I’m a college drop out.. I’m smart.. I SWEAR!”  Who knows, maybe when I pay off my student loans I’ll go back and finish.

So, this weekend was pretty cool.  Saturday morning was spent with the family playing Rock Band.  Caitlyn pretended to sing.  It was a great time.  Church was fantastic yesterday and then after church we had company over until late that evening.  Oh, the home teachers came before I got home, as did my visiting teacher.  Yeah.. busy day.  I thought the dog would have a seazure.  He was like “People!  Oh my gosh PEOPLE!  People, people, people.. make the scary little people go away!”  Poor puppy.

Oh, I should mention how funny and fantastic my friend Gina is.  I was talking to her about weight loss and she said something to the effect of this “Leah, don’t be cruel.  Our thighs have been together for years now, it would be wrong to separate them now.  They have molded themselves to each other, felt a closeness not many people experience… don’t make them seperate, not now”  I love her.


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