style requestsI know it is a bit early this year – but I am looking for some fresh new style request ideas!  These styles will actually include my 200th set of styles! 200!!!  I want this bundle to be really special so I’m asking you – my awesome customers – to give suggestions for styles you would like to see.  This is one of my most favorite things to do – as you all know I get a big kick out of trying to make digital things look as realistic as possible!

Requests are open from 8/12 – 8/15.  If your style request is chosen you will receive the bundle FOR FREE!  So what are you waiting for?  Help momma’ get her mojo back 😉

That said here are my latest styles at TLP!



You can also search all of my current styles at The Lilypad by clicking right here!  I can’t wait to see your suggestions!  Have a fantastic weekend!



Well, what a coincidence – just yesterday I was wishing for slate/stone and Glass tile styles! And I thought to myself, what would Leah do? And then I thought, I am not Leah, LOL.

How about taking Stylin 187 one step further and making it into an action to use on any rasterized shape that would include perforated and/or stitching right inside the the shape.

Hi Leah,
I would like to see more fabric styles. And how about construction paper styles? That’s all I can think of now.

I’d love to have some iridescent styles that would work with any color / material. Thank you for the chance!

I don’t always ask for styles but when I do, I ask Leah!!!!! ROFL!!

1. String Style. Stitching styles just don’t look like string.

2. Velvet….who doesn’t love some crushed velvet!!!!

3. Foil balloon styles. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE!!!! Lol

I think that’s it. For today. I might think of something else later. Love your styles and actions!!!!

I would love to see some wood styles that look like tree bark, but not just straight up-and-down, if that makes any sense! Also, I’ve been hunting everywhere for a realistic iridescent shimmer for edging things.

I would like to see something in Competition Soccer. With paper and elements in “Real” colors. Uniforms with royal blue and light gray would be great. Also add in something about positions, coaches, referees and Most of all parents.
Or I would like to see a kit about smaller pets. Guinea Pigs or hamsters. My daughter doesnt have a dog or cat; Thanks!

I would love stained glass styles (a rippled glass style that could be used on any colour) and a lead style to separate the pieces, a cushioned / quilting style (not the type used for bed covers but the type used on furniture so you could make puffy quilted hearts etc and finally I’d like a blue and white wedgewood style!

I subscribe to Ali Edward’s monthly digital kit. I love journaling cards, but they don’t have any texture. I would love to just be able to add a style that would make it appear more paperish (if that’s a word) than a flat digital color. Does that even make sense? Love your styles! I’m pretty sure I use them on every page I create.

I would love a CU watercolor beveled style for letters and such. Thank you!! love the two new ones and added them to my stash!

I’m addicted to your styles! Your work is great. Just bought your new licence plate.:-)
I’ve been looking for:
1.Gelato or retro parlour styles – could be ice-cream texture, whipped creamm waffle, glossy chocolate sauce and sprinkles!
2. Mother of pearl styles
3. Mermaid scale styles

Just had an idea for transparent, buildable make up styles.
So you can brush blusher, bronzer or eyeshadow on. There could be a shiny lip gloss style and some shimmer powder.
Who doesn’t need the occasional digital makeover now & again?! 🙂

I would love to see a fuzzy/hairy style – something that extends beyond the edge of the object, not just like a circle with fur inside it. Don’t know if it’s possible, but that would be so awesome!

I was looking for a style that would turn my type gold – like you would see in a alpha set, embossed and shiny.

I am a huge fan of your styles and I would love to have a style that makes burned edges (on papers or on holes in papers). I suggested this before when you asked the same question for style ideas, so I hope it’s not too difficult to make them.

I would love to see more fabric texture type styles such as – satin or ultrasuede or terrycloth or polar fleece.
Some other thoughts – mosaic tiles or stipple quilting (I don’t know if that is possible.) or animal skin textures – elephant hide, zebra, giraffe, snake, turtle shell.
Ok, I think I have gone over the edge.


1. I’d like some watercolor paper styles – like different weight papers – for use with any color

2. Artist canvas would be great too – different textures, like small tight weave through larger – some variations – for use with any color

Thank you!

I second or third string styles, that is tough to extract!

My requests would be a thick paint stamped style, with a thicker layer of paint on the outside of the stamp, and other spots where the paint goes away. Being able to create my own realistic stamps like that would be awesome.

And I don’t know if that is doable, but a “pattern making” action would be terrific too. I have such a hard time creating patterns! TIA!!

I recently found my great grandmothers scrapbook from 1904 full of die cut german emboseed scraps – and I thought to myself it would be great to have a style that would give this retro look on elements..some of the styles in your Stylin #95 – Velvety Shimmer comes close to this look, it would be cool to have it mixed with a haltone pattern for making those small raster dots and additional embossing/paper styles to give that retro look!!

I’d love a style that makes quills (because hedgehogs!) or feathers. I’m thinking I may need to scrap some humans again soon before I go crazy…

I would love more like your Paper Styles, I use those all the time. I would also love more styles for thin lines or letters, kinda like wire but gelly. And more halftones, I can never get enough of those!

I would love a style to create the old style wooden letter blocks that we played with as kids. They would be great to use to make word art or alphas. Please oh please!!!???


I would love to see a feather style, with a feather edge/tip brush so you could make your own feathers etc.
Also a decent diamond style

Thanks, Kirsty

I’d like some action or maybe things that would create a bump on the paper or fold crease and some paint styles that would be thick thick paint

Hi Leah, can i request an action for make awesome seamless patterns? I wanna an action who can add some shapes or png files (3 or more) and flipped or turn them around, to make cool patterns! It´ll be great if this could be make by you. Hugs from Brazil

1. Carved Wood (like letters/shapes chiseled into wood)
2. 3D Lego Brick effect
3. 8-Bit pixelization (with varying degrees of detail, mainly for photos)

I have a couple of ideas but would prefer to send you my list by email because I have samples which I would love you to refer to to give you a better idea of what I am looking for. Also, I love Claudya Guerr’s idea to create an seamless pattern background action. I didn’t want to send you this list without giving you a heads up first because I would hate for my email to get lost in your email shuffle which I imagine is quite large :(.

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