style requestsNSD is on its way and with it I want to do another Style Request Bundle!  These are by far my most favorite styles to create.  If you are new – this is how it goes.  I go through all the requests – the ones that I pick receive the full bundle free!  You can suggest as many as you’d like.  If I take two suggestions from one person I will also give the bundle to the second person who suggested it (if it is a duplicate).  It helps if you also link me to an image of the “effect” so I have a clear idea of what you’d like me to create. <3

So, now that I’ve got your attention (muahahahaha) be sure to go check out some of my latest styles so you know what I already have in the shop.

Here are some of my favorites from this year so far!

As always – I can not wait to see what you guys suggest!  I have a feeling this is going to be the best bundle yet! <3


Style Ideas:

‘Laser Cut’ with depth and texture

Pencil Sketch – ie: turn an element that is black/white into a pencil sketch

QUILLING effect and maybe cool brushes to make it look like quilling

Pattern styles – you have 2 – simple patterns that I love…so more of those!

paper styles that work on any color especially black/white are always appreciated.

I loooovve styles SO VERY much. I use your new veneer style frequently.

Some I would like to see-
mylar balloons
cookies (decorated with frosting on top)
comic book (with the somewhat distressed/ dots appearance)
bright watercolor styles

I am sure whatever you wind up making will be amazing. Cannot wait!

I second the pattern and paper styles. I would also love some more metals, like copper and bronze and different golds.

Would love a plastic style to make pocket card sheets that look like the 3-hold punch kind (without the bubbly glare effect)….ones you can “perforate” between the pocket inserts
(will think of more…LOL)

I love your styles and I love when you open up for requests.

1. String style. I’ve been looking for a style like this for a year or so now.

2. Velvet. Ohhh soft crushed velvet!!!

3. Fabric flower style.

4. And always more paper styles.

I think that’s it for now.

How about some cooking styles.

baking stuff: flour, wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, turbinado or raw sugar, sugar crystal sprinkles (colors), salt, kosher salt, pink Himalayan salt, cocoa powder, powdered sugar along with some dynamic brushes

dried herbs and spices: parsley or basil flakes, black pepper (coarse and fine ground), dill, whole mustard seed, caraway seed, sesame seed, fennel seed, crushed red pepper, along with some dynamic brushes

So many ideas!
1. glittered acrylic like this: (it is a clear acrylic with depth, and sparkles on the back)
2. ‘stitched’ die cut (so it could add the marks on whatever shape)
3. embossed foil paper:
4. paperclip style- make a line art look like a paperclip
5. metallic thread:
6. sequins style- make any shape look like a sequins

Thanks for taking input! I can’t wait to see what you make!!

Hi dear, wanna request some chewing gum, gelly bears and cotton candy effect? Thanks ^-^

I would love you to try and make a style that looks like burned edges (on papers). I consider you the stylequeen of the digiscrapworld and if there’s someone who could make this work, it would be you I think. But…no pressure 😉

I don’t think I’ve ever seen corduroy as a style. I think it would be really cute. Love, love your styles!

I FB msg’d a while back on this and sent a sample pic, but thought I should mention it here again…along with a few new ideas too! I pretty much want ALL your CU styles…LOL! Here’s my wish list:

Glow/lit up buttons – perfect for robot/UFO lights, traffic signals, computer panels, “on” buttons for appliances, etc. The robot button glow is different to me than say Christmas tree lights glow…kwim??

Gel – something that looks translucent, but thick. My daughter has “gel” window clings – something like that. (like see-through toothpaste maybe??…opaque-ish, but shiny?) Does that make any sense?? LOL!

Sequins/Gems – I don’t know if this is possible, but I would love to make my own sequin shape and drop a hot Mommyish “sequin/gem” style on it and it *poof* goes from a flat red circle to a metallic surface with that sequin embossed/hexagon look, OR *poof*, now it is a crystalline gem with the hexagon ridges and shine spots” to use for scatters and flower centers.

I also would LOVE a set of comic book styles for the halftone look, paper texture and even the offset color fill from the black outline (have you seen that??)

OK, I should probably stop….GOOD LUCK making your selections with everyone’s great ideas!! =) Thanks for the chance to submit a wishlist and to even WIN it!! =)

I love so many of the ones mentioned and know that whatever you do will be wonderful.

Here’s my wishlist:
gross-grain ribbon
construction paper
silk fabric, maybe with the ability to make a “finished edge” like with ribbon or a book mark
play dough style and/or texture overlays
smoke and/or fog
wicker basket

I don’t know if these are possible, BUT, I know if anyone can do them you can!!

Can’t wait to see the collection

Love styles I’d like to see maybe a distressed style set like coffee stain/tea stained etc., maybe a balloon style like latex balloons or maybe balloon animal style I donno. Maybe a sketchy/chalk style that makes things look like they were doodled or drawn with chalk? Maybe a candy style so more like a candy apple or candy coating, a drippy style like melted chocolate or ice cream? Thanks for reading my ideas have a great day!

QUILLING effect and maybe cool brushes to make it look like quilling

I have been trying to look for a style to help make my animals and toons a little more 3D like what Flerg or Kristen Aagard do in their kits. I know its a play with the bevel but I am still learning.

Styles to make glass more realistic or like stuff for the bottles of ketchup, mustard, etc. more realistic.

Paper Styles that work on white paper definitely – so I am not have to do multiple layers to save down.

Fur – like a furry pillow..

water color gems style
Paper Tears
rose gold/teal gold/ liquid gold with colors
stars – like Disney style
fairytale-ish styles
Puzzle pieces for Autism

I would love a gooey wax style – that you can use for wax seals and emboss with your own words/monograms. Would also love some psd’s with torn holes and rips and curled back edges (so bottom layers peek through). Also fur styles – with a brush to make the edges more realistic – which can be used on any colour and finally an irridescent fish scale style to use for mermaid tails! But will love whatever you do!

Looking forward to NSD!
How about vintage paper, with torn edges, flipped corners?
And I would love some watercolor styles with transparency, for making flowers and other elements (not watercolor on paper background).

I was born a rebel and it’s never left me. You asked for style requests, but what I want most, have wanted for a long, long time is an action to fringe edges. Mostly I want a crude fringe — think of bright gypsy scarves that hippy girls used to wear and how the edges frayed even more with wear. Maybe some knotted fringe for winter scarves. And some nice even fringe for “harbinger doilies”. I like to include a lot of textiles and such in my scrap and mm pages. Fringing would be such a perfect effect. Thanks for this chance to request a fav. I wanted to take your styling class soooo much but I had too much to do this spring. I will take the next class but I still grind my teeth cuz I couldn’t take it this spring. Thanks again!
Cully <3. <3. <3

Oops, it should be hardinger. I should not stay up all night and write in public forums. LOLOL

Style Request Time-my favorite! Here goes-more fabric like corduroy, both thin and wide. Construction paper styles-especially one that can be applied to any color. Carpet, vinyl, linoleum-any type of flooring.
I love reading the other suggestions. There are some really good ones.

Hi Leah,
Just wanted to add another request. Tape styles-regular, washi, masking. You can never have enough tape!

Shoot! I left a comment yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared 🙁 Here goes again
1. glittered acrylics (so it looks like a thick acrylic with glitter showing through)
2. embossed foil sheets
3. paperclip style (make any lined shape look like a paperclip)
4. sequin style (so any shape can look sequined)
5. metallic thread
6. stitched edge die cut (so that we could take any shape and it would add the fake stitched edge die look to it)

No matter what you make I can’t wait to see it!! You rock the styles world!

Yeah, this always turns out the most interesting ideas. Here are a few of mine:

1) Salt Dough Style with bevel and engraved effect. Also maybe with optional fingerprints in the texture for that homemade effect.
2) Terra Cotta Style maybe with a glazed and unglazed option.
3) Gesso Style to add dimension to paint brushes.
4) A crackle finish style

I could use glass/plastic styles… you know, like for making clear alpha, or titles on dark background – or, for what I need it most, flairs and brads.
That would be awesome to have. Thanks for opportunity!

I”m with Jenn L – more metals :). Bronze, polished nickel, chrome, brass… and seriously I use that metallic paint style on everything I love it so much ;). Anything shiny is always welcome! Thank you so much for your creativity, you have enhanced my photoshop journey more than I can say <3

I love your styles, I use them all the time!
– craft foam
– glazed ceramics
– string/rope style
– torn edges
– comic book
– laminated with an edge

I would love something that sparkles, but is not the same old glitter styles everyone does. Maybe like a diamond would sparkle.

Can you make a style with multi colored sparkles in one style?

How about some shiny glass styles?

And some Washi tape styles.

Thank you!

Oh anything resembling Ted Baker handbag and tote styles. In love with anything pink and or floral. Especially the totes.

I’d love to see “blending” styles to make realistic effects on text and pictures. Especially with very contrasted paper to blend in, I have a hard time getting something realistic.

And I don’t know if it’s doable, but something to make warped shadows easier. I love the look but having to put the shadown on its own layer, then wrap it, then make it more blurry and lighter at the extremity (because it’s further away from the object) is a bit of a hassle so I often feel lazy and not do it! I know, I’m ashamed! 😉

I love your styles! They are by far the best! My requests would be:
1-Glitter/Foil Edge/Stroke styles in a variety of textures; canvas, burlap, chipboard, and cardstock.

2- I’d love to see some more depth and 3D styles with the depth comparable to Kristin Aagard elements and to include skintone colors for designing realistic looking babies, etc. I’ve been looking like crazy and found none. I love your puffy and shadow styles but I’d love to find some that created more depth and possibly including varying the depth choices for head, arms, legs, torso.

3- Another, a style that had a yarn texture similar to Raggedy Anne doll hair with custom shape choices for the doll hair style/cut and the color choices being anywhere from norm to wild.

4- To add, other styles in fabric patterns such as babyish. Then, create more with holiday themed patterns, animal print, etc. Those type patterns could be used by so many designers. Everyone has dots, stripes, hearts, gingham, plaid but noone has really expanded much beyond those.

I’ve just mentioned a few for now…Thank you so much! I’m a huge fan of all your styles!

A ‘stamp’ style that works on any color…and I LOVE and ADORE all Ladonna Hill ideas!

I just saw your email about the Style Request. I love seeing and using your styles!
Some wishes that i have:

— styrofoam texture:,320_.jpg

— Distress / crackled Paint

–realistic thread / yarn/ floss style, a bonus would be with shadowing to look like quilting stitches.

— string textures for shapes

Can’t wait to see what you show us this weekend!

I’m looking for a nice metal edge style that includes silver, gold, gunmetal black, etc.

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