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No Kristina.. I wasn’t having a fantastic vacation. I WISH!  Instead I have been sucked away into a world of cooking, cleaning, reading and watching movies.  It seems that when you devote your mind to online gaming you miss out on lots of interesting things.. life being one, but movies come in a close second.  My favorite movie of the past week was Hancock.  I was amused.. for the first half.  Ironman was a fun movie.. that was until my friend pointed out all the times he SHOULD have died.. then I was like “this is stupid.”  I also worked on a poster for our Ward’s Christmas Activity.  (ward meaning church for all you non-mormon’s out there) The first copy was written in ebonics.. it didn’t get approved.  The second one did, thankfully.  Oh, the scrapbook page.. My hair is normally blonde.  Naturally a “dark ash blonde” or something.. so I dyed my hair brown!  I am LOVING it.  Now I can pretend that the blonde jokes don’t matter to me and no longer count.

I’ve also been working on more and more christmas cards.  Honestly it’s like a sickness.  I’m hoping that one day I’ll get this little store off the ground.. until then you get a sneak peak at what I’m working on…



Ok, if I admitted the amount of times I have read the novel and watched Pride & Prejudice you’d probably call me a fanatic.  *coughs* read at least 12 times and the movie.. um.. way more than that *coughs* And here I find myself again reading Pride & Prejudice like it was the first time!  I figure every now and then it’s good to have some nice wholesome reading.  (you know, something aside to my People Magazine addiction) My mother-in-law has been kind enough to be my source for over a year now, renewing my subscription to People Magazine for my birthday.  Yeah, I know.. my mother-in-law is cooler than yours.  It’s ok, you’ll get over it eventually.  Anyway, back to the book at hand.  I’m not sure if it’s a crush on Mr. Darcy or perhaps Lizzy’s wit or her mother’s absurdness but I just fall in love with the book more and more every time I read it.

Some other books I’ve read lately that I have enjoyed are Twilight, Boy Meets Girl, Big Boned and She Went All the Way.  So yeah, I’m a big Meg Cabot fan.  It all started with a book called Boy Meets Girl.  I didn’t realize at the time that Meg Cabot was the lady who wrote The Princess Diaries.  Regardless, I had never seen a book written in that style before.  It was a series of IM’s, Email’s, answering machine messages, journal entries, etc.  It was just too cute and fun and I feel absolutely in LOVE with it.  So, go check out some Meg Cabot, you won’t regret it!  The books are HILARIOUS!

Let’s see in other news… My house is semi-clean.  Today I gave one of the Elder’s a piano lesson.  Tip for those who are trying to teach someone who doesn’t know a thing about music.. Come Unto Me (Hymn 116) is VERY easy to teach.  For a while I had a pretty full house.  Missionaries, my sister, my best friend, her two kids, then me, my hubby and our daughter.. add a barking dog and you have one big happy family!  Yeah.. now that I think about it I think I’m going to go chill on the couch and read some more.  Go Go Col. Fitzwilliam (he’s my fav.) Hmm.. I better get caught up with my Book of Mormon study class.. I am pretty sure I won’t be quizzed on Lady Catherine but there will be questions about 1 Nephi 17-20.