Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday!  This week I decided to create a tutorial on weaving layers!  If that doesn’t quite make sense just watch the video below.  If you are going to pick up ANYTHING from this tutorial let it be how to create shadow layers.. it will change your life!

Speaking of life-changing experiences.  Today is very special to me.  it is my daughter Savannah’s first birthday!   Here is our first picture of the little monster!

2013-10-28 08.44.41

She is our little surprise baby – a precious little miracle that we were never expecting and has totally changed our lives for the better.  She made us parents of two beautiful daughters.  She made my Caitlyn a bit sister (now 11 years old) and reminded us that sometimes the best blessings are the unexpected ones.  So Happy Birthday Savannah.  We love you!

2014-10-25 07.16.25



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