puppetwarpEach week I try to think of tips and tricks to share with you all.  At times it is hard and other times I think I just doubt myself with this idea that you already *know* and would find the tutorials boring.  This weeks tutorial is based on people who are using CC or CS5+ which has the PUPPET WARP tool.  I LURVE it.  Seriously.  As a designer the puppet warp tool can take elements and make them look COMPLETELY new.  As a scrapper the puppet warp tool can help you create ultra realistic shading!

So, for this week I have a short tutorial on how to create realistic shadows by using your puppet warp tool!  Have fun with this!  Seriously, the Puppet Warp is a tool that once you start using it – you won’t stop!  Like Pringles.. or chocolate.. or Benedict Cumberbatch.

In this tutorial I used a old/new kit that I created two years ago with Studio 68.  It is called Vintage Fall and is on sale through Thursday for only $3!

And as I packaged it I realized I wasn’t quite into creating pocket cards at the time so I created this freebie for you all that matches the kit!  So just click below to snatch those up.


Enjoy and have a fantastic Tuesday!


Thanks so much for the freebie, and for the puppet warp tutorial! I need to spend an afternoon going through your tutorials, because I always learn so much.

As always … awesome tutorial Leah! I have never seen the contour adjustment before. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ve played with the Puppet Warp a bit in the past, but not much and I’m not good at it. This is motivating me to play around with it again!
Love your tutorials!

OMGosh! I have that Puppet Warp tool but never thought of learning how to use it. Thank you soooo much for the tutorial and of course for the lovely journal cards.

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