I love the fact that my parents think they can influence my vote.  Or.. even better, make me feel as if my vote counts for nothing.  We live in a society that is so “two party” based that anything outside of that is not accepted.  Who did I vote for?  My “wasted” vote went to Ron Paul.  I understand that my vote will not be counted.  Does that really matter to me?  Not really.  I am happy that I voted for my conscience.  I think both Obama and McCain are corrupt politicians.  I don’t go with the “lesser of two evil’s” theory.  Sorry guys, that’s just not me.   So, my vote was a “protest” vote.  No big.  I’d rather it not count than give it to old man McCain or Mr. Change.

My mom told me that my wasted vote was a vote for Obama since it wasn’t for McCain.  I suppose if she was an Obama fan it would have been a vote for McCain?  HA!  Either way, I’m happy!  If you don’t know about Ron Paul watch this.. he was on TV a few nights ago.

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I totally have a political crush on Ron Paul.


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